The 23-hectare site has more than 20km of track, 47 points, two bridges, and a new pedestrian underpass. The facility’s main hall is 100m wide and has four 410m-long maintenance tracks with eight cranes and roof-level maintenance platforms.

On the roof of the depot a 2100m2 photovoltaic array will generate 300MWh of electricity a year for use at the facility, while a 180m2 solar thermal system provides up to 100kW of power for heating water.

LED lighting is used in offices and the outdoor area, reducing electricity consumption by around 15%, and a geothermal power system is used for heating and cooling in the main depot building, reducing CO2 emissions by around 1000 tonnes a year.

The facility is designed to maintain all types of ICE, including the new ICE 4 trains, which are now entering service.