Knorr Bremse will install Leader on 23 class 170 and 27 class 172 dmus operated by London Midland, and 16 class 171 dmus operated by Southern. The system is fitted inside the drivers cab and uses real-time information about the train's dynamics, the timetable and route profile, including specific topography and speed limits, to calculate the optimal speed in the prevailing circumstances for a certain route. A display in the cab instructs the driver in advance of how and when they can adapt their driving style to optimise the progress of the train.

Go-Ahead hopes the system will result in a reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions from its rolling stock.

"The installation of the system supports our commitment to seek new ways to cut our environmental impact and work towards our target of reducing our CO₂ emissions per passenger journey by 20% by 2015," says Mr Phil Margrave, Go-Ahead's group engineering director.