Heathrow Express carries around 16,000 passengers per day and after 15 years of service decided the train fleet required internal refurbishment as well as a complete mechanical overhaul. The new interior is the result of an extensive, three-year customer and supplier research programme.

Heathrow Express appointed Siemens to undertake the 20 month project on its behalf, and Siemens selected Railcare to carry out the refurbishment work at its Wolverton workshops, supported by Interfleet. The first refurbished train entered service in May 2012.

The interiors have been refurbished with green and purple predominating in standard class and darker shades in the 1+1 configuration first class coach in each set (which has replaced the 2+1 configuration used prior to the refurbishment). The final train in the programme will leave Wolverton in the next few days and re-enter service on the Paddington – Heathrow route in July.