Each train must have a minimum 50% low-floor section and accommodate at least 200 passengers.

The bulk of the order will be delivered to MÁV, which will receive 42 sets, while the remaining six will go to GySEV.

During the evaluation process, bidders will be scored up to 60% for price, 15% for energy consumption, 12.5% for seating configuration, and 12.5% for the percentage of low-floor area.

The deadline for submissions is January 3 2013, and the winning bidder will need to complete delivery of the trains by September 30 2015.

The timescale for delivery is short because the European Union funding agreement for the order stipulates that all of the trains must enter service by the end of 2015. Both the delivery schedule and the specification suggest MÁV and GySEV favour purchasing a design already approved for use in Hungary, such as the Stadler Flirt emu ordered in large numbers by both operators or the Bombardier Talent, 10 of which are in service with MÁV Start.

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