Mitsubishi Electric says this is the world's first order for its 3.3kV 1500A traction inverter for operation on lines electrified at 1.5kV dc. The inverters will be installed in a four-car series 1000 EMU belonging to Odakyu Electric Railway and following tests should enter service in December.

The train will be equipped with a two-level pulse-width-modulation inverter with regenerative braking, and will have four self-cooling 190kW traction motors with parallel control.

Mitsubishi Electric says the new system should reduce energy consumption compared with a conventional series 1000 train by up to 36% when the train is crowded or by 20% during normal occupancy, but these figures will be verified following test running. The system is also 80% smaller than a conventional traction system and weighs 80% less as there are fewer components.