There are also plans to build 50-150 160km/h cars for domestic operation but financing is yet to be announced.

The 20 cars will be second class, first class and mixed-use designs. Two of the mixed-use vehicles will be completed by the end of 2017. These will feature larger doors in addition to 37 open-arrangement second-class seats, will have space for three wheelchairs and eight bicycles as well as two family compartments comprising five seats and space for pushchairs.

The first class cars will have both open and compartment-type seating as well as a small buffet with facilities to heat food. The cars will also have two business class compartments with four seats in each compartment.

MÁV-Start is also refurbishing most of the 76 200km/h cars produced by CAF, Spain, in the mid-1990s. These now comply with TSI standards and will be finished to the same design as the IC+ carriages.

The first five coaches were used on InterCity trains on the circular Budapest - Debrecen - Miskolc - Budapest route from late April and were due to be introduced on Budapest - Hamburg EuroCity services on June 1.