The deal also includes an option to renovate 10 additional trains, and delivery of the first two sets is scheduled for 2019.

The modification of the interior design will include increasing seating capacity from 216 to 312 seats per car, replacing the floor covering, the lamination of interior trim elements and the replacement of the seats.

Air conditioning, new holding bars and LED lighting will also be added as well as a video protecting system which includes security cameras. Alstom will also restore the high voltage transformers and door mechanisms. The studies and renovation will be carried out at Alstom’s plant in Reichshoffen.

The four-car MI84 trains were assembled at Alstom’s plant in Valenciennes and entered commercial service in 1985. The renovation will align the comfort levels of the MI84 trains with those of the MI79 trains renovated between 2010 and 2015, also in circulation on Line B.