The order has been funded by the Russian federal government and comprises 24 type 61-4504 vehicles and 26 type 61-4505 coaches. Both types will have a maximum speed of 160km/h, enabling them to operate in passenger trains.

The type 61-4505 has a 157m3 stowage area and can accommodate a payload of 25.2 tonnes, an increase of 4.8 tonnes compared with postal coaches currently in use on the Russian network. The coaches also have a crew area with a kitchen, beds, and a toilet.

For security, the vehicles are equipped with an integrated CCTV system which enables several vehicles to be monitored simultaneously from a single location.

The type 61-4504 is not equipped with a crew area and therefore has a larger 199m3 stowage area accommodating a payload of up to 35 tonnes.