sao_paulo_1.jpgThe fleet of 26 six-car trains is being modernised by the Bombardier-led MTB-Line 1 consortium, which includes Brazilian partners Tejofran and Temoinsa. The work is being carried out at Bombardier's Hortolândia site near São Paulo, and involves the installation of new interiors and lighting, Bombardier Mitrac ac traction equipment, communications and air conditioning systems, CCTV, and a redesigned front end. The cab features a redesigned driver's desk with a new driver-machine interface. The trains are also equipped with a new adhesion control system to improve performance in poor railhead conditions.
Two more refurbished trains are due to enter service on Line 1 within the next weeks.
Line 1 runs for 20.2km from Tucuruvi in the north to Jabaquara in the south, and carries around 325 million passengers per year.