Unlike the trains supplied to Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) the Czech Railjets are formed of five second class coaches, one restaurant0 car, and a first/business-class driving trailer. One of the second class coaches also has a bicycle compartment with 10 folding seats.

The set seats 394 passengers in second class, 42 in first class, and six in business class. The CD Railjet also has a different software package from the ÖBB trains, which will require a separate approval before the train can carry passengers. Trials therefore began on the ÖBB network at the start of February and should be concluded within a month.

Siemens will deliver a total of seven Railjets to CD by December, when they will be introduced on the new Prague – Vienna – Graz service. ÖBB will provide three of the Railjets required for the two-hourly service.