Delivery will begin in early-2018 and the trains will be tested at NSEWL depots before entering service in mid-2019.

The trains will be fitted with tip-up seats, and will have three rows of straps and triple grab-poles for use by standing passengers. Dynamic route maps located above each door will display the train's current location, route information and the side the train doors will open at the next station.

The 12 trains are the final batch of 57 trains ordered by LTA. The first of these trains arrived in May and will start to enter service in the first quarter of 2016. The rest of the trains will arrive progressively over the next four years.

Between the start of this year and 2019, 99 trains will be added to the NSEWL, North East Line (NEL) and Circle Line (CCL), increasing Singapore's overall train fleet size by almost 50%. By the end of next year, all 42 new trains for the CCL and NEL will be in operation.

Singapore fleet renewal chart

LTA's train renewal programme for the Bukit Pangjang (BPLRT), Sengkang/Punggol (SPLRT) peoplemover lines and three of metro lines.