So far, 21 of the 55 trains from the original 2007 order are in service. They currently operate on high-speed lines radiating from Paris to Luxembourg, the German cities of Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich, as well as between Frankfurt and Marseille. TGV Euroduplex will soon be introduced on the Paris – Zurich route and the new service from Paris to Barcelona which is due to be launched by the end of the year.

Each TGV Euroduplex is 200m long and has seats for 560 passengers. The 9.4MW train has a maximum speed of 320km/h and is capable of operating on lines electrified at 25kV ac, 15kV 16.7Hz, and 1.5kV dc, as well as different signalling systems.

Euroduplex is the third generation of double-deck TGV, following the original Duplex and later Dasye versions.