The €267m contract, which was signed in March 2013, includes a further six trains for Györ Sopron Ebenfurth Railway (GySEV).

The fleet will supplement the fleet of 60 Flirts ordered by MÁV in 2006 and 2007, but unlike the initial batch the trains are equipped with ETCS Level 2 and carry the standard white and blue livery for emus. The new Flirts will replace some push-pull trains and some of the existing Flirts on commuter services in the Budapest area, including the Budapest - Esztergom line which will be electrified by the middle of next year. This will enable a number of sets from the initial batch of Flirts to be redeployed to the Miskolc and Debrecen areas.

The remainder of the fleet is due to be delivered by September 2015, when MÁV will be the world's largest operator of Flirt emus with a fleet of 112 sets.