The four-car Kiss 2 trains features a number of improvements over the six-car Kiss sets already in service with Westbahn, including single-leaf sliding doors, better acceleration, and upgraded bogies for smoother riding. The interior has also been improved.

The nine remaining sets are under construction and deliveries are due to be completed by the middle of next year. From December 2017 Westbahn will deploy the fleet on an additional hourly Vienna Main Station - Salzburg fast service which will only call at Linz. With a planned journey time of 2h 10min this will be faster than Austrian Federal Railways' (ÖBB) fastest competing Railjet service, which completes the 312km trip in 2h 22m. Alternate fast Westbahn services will be extended to provide a two-hourly service to Innsbruck.

Forster also revealed that Westbahn is planning to participate in a tender for a public service contract to operate regional passenger services in Austria's western Vorarlberg province from 2019.