The audit was carried out by DB specialists, who reviewed the quality management system at UWC, as well as the UWC-owned All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transport Technology (VNICTT) and the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ).

UWC says the audit covered more than 20 aspects of UWC’s business, including the processes used for the design and production of new freight wagon models, quality assurance, warranty, and service maintenance. The final score was calculated as the sum of scores for all criteria based on a 100-point scale and was presented as a 360-degree chart. The holding company received scores in a range from 90 to 100 points on 18 counts and from 80 to 90 points on five counts.

TVSZ also passed certification to European standard in an audit carried out by TÜV Rheinland. UWC says employees at TVSZ underwent additional training to prepare for the certification, which included welding, non-destructive testing and the quality management system.

UWC says its status as a Q2 supplier to DB and the welding certification create promising new opportunities on the European market.

“We view DB as a strategic partner and look forward to successful cooperation,” says Mr Maxim Kuzemchenko, deputy CEO for business development at UWC. “We hope that DB’s assessment will serve as a signal to the whole of the European market. UWC is now the only freight wagon manufacturer outside the European Union which has the right to supply wagons to companies in Europe."

“DB has been seeking partners that meet our criteria in terms of quality, security of supplies and pricing policy all over the world,” says DB quality engineer, Mr Jens Baselt. “The audit conducted at UWC lets us expand our pool of potential vendors of freight wagons and their components. During the audit, we saw a highly motivated company with modern advanced infrastructure.”