Closing date for bids is November 12 and the trains must be available to enter service in December 2018 on Rhine-Ruhr Express services operating on lines RE1, RE4, RE5, RE6, and RE11.

Each air-conditioned train should have a maximum length of 107m and at least 400 seats. Both first and second-class accommodation is required and each train must contain a multi-purpose area. Two toilets per car are needed, with at least one toilet suitable for passengers with reduced mobility.

Entrances must be level with 760mm-high station platforms and doors must be wide enough for two passengers to pass through at the same time.

A maximum speed of 160km/h is required which must be reached in 72.5 seconds, with a minimum rate of acceleration of 1m/s2.

A passenger information system must be provided with displays both inside and outside the train.