CRRC says the system is an upgrade on CBTC, with more than 20 additional functions including train start-up, dynamic and static self-testing, obstacle and derailment protection, and remote reset.

The system, which is compatible with conventional CBTC, provides a number of benefits including:

  • enhanced operational flexibility
  • improved capacity
  • reduced labour requirements, and
  • reduced energy requirements and emissions.

CRRC says the system supports both manned and unmanned operation.

“The FAO system is a fully automated and highly centralised train operation control system, which is a new generation of urban rail transit systems that automates the operation process using modern computing, communication, control, integrated monitoring and system integration technologies,” says Mr Shang Jing, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute general manager.

The automatic operation supports adjustable departure times as well as 24 hour operation, seven days a week. CRRC says the system will reduce human errors, stopping times and headways.

The system also improves energy efficiency by controlling the power supply for all trains in a sub-section of the network to improve the use of regenerative power.