Siemens will supply its Trainguard CBTC solution which includes driverless operation for the line, which is expected to carry up to 40,000 passengers per day. The order follows on from its delivery of driverless CBTC for the existing 9km north-south line, which opened in 1998 as Paris' first fully automated line.

The train control system is set to offer headways of 85 seconds. However, this can be adjusted during major events to deploy additional trains which can be sent into operation straight from the depot or sidings. The system also utilises an intelligent energy-optimised running profile system which adjusts speeds to avoid early arrival at stations and unnecessary energy consumption.

The extension of Line 14 is the first phase of the Grand Paris project to develop a new orbital metro network in Paris, and is specifically intended to alleviate congestion on the northern section of Line 13. Construction got underway in June and it is set to be commissioned in 2019.