SWISS Federal Railways (SBB) has signed a partnership agreement with Cervello of Israel and Fincons Group of Italy that will see the Cervello Platform deployed to protect SBB’s signalling and control systems across Switzerland from cybersecurity threats.

IT business consultancy Fincons Group will act as system integrator and provide local technical support.

Cervello says SBB is one of the first railway companies in the world to adopt a full scale, national cybersecurity protection plan for its entire command and control network.

Cervello says the Cervello Platform integrates with any railway infrastructure, and monitors the entire operational network including signalling, telecommunications and other control systems, as well as rolling stock.

The system allows early identification of potential or existing cyber threats that pose a risk to the safety, reliability and continuity of railway operations.

“Following the recent string of ever-evolving cyber threats worldwide, we see cybersecurity as an essential part of our commitment to the safety of our passengers,” says Mr Rama Marcus, head of SBB’s Technology & Innovation Outpost Israel, based in Tel Aviv.