THE European Commission (EC) has launched a consultation on multi-modal ticketing as it seeks to better understand the use of and challenges associated with the use and availability of multi-modal digital transport services. The consultation was launched on December 1, and runs until February 23 2022.

The commission says there are often barriers such as a lack of information or limed options when planning and buying tickets for journeys combining different operators or modes, especially services that cross borders.

The policy issues covered by the consultation include the insufficient availability and accessibility of data, a lack of cooperation between operators, the limited availability of digital tickets, inadequate payment system interoperability, and different licencing and distribution agreements.

The commission says it is looking for views on the situation, and whether action is required at the European level. The consultation will support the impact assessment that the EC is currently carrying out.

While all are welcome to reply to this consultation, the commission says certain parties may have a specific interest in the consultation including:

  • citizens and passengers
  • transport operators
  • digital transport service providers
  • consumer organisations, and
  • any other directly or indirectly affected stakeholders.

The consultation can be found here.

An interview with the EC’s DG Move director, land transport, Mr Kristian Schmidt, which includes a discussion on Europe-wide ticketing, will be included in the January issue of IRJ.