DB Regio’s Southeast Bavarian Railway (SOB) subsidiary has been working on the project since last year together with German Rail’s (DB) d.lab innovation laboratory, the Munich design agency Neomind, passengers, BEG and DB Regio’s product innovation and IT departments.


The concepts for different train interiors, which will be tested by passengers, range from sports and premium compartments for working to public viewing and relaxation areas, while various seating options will be tested such as swivel chairs, benches and folding seats. There are also different designs of flooring and interior lighting. A variety of digital customer information and entertainment will also be tested such as games consoles and a play paradise for children.

“We want to offer our local transport customers a new and unique travel experience in the future,” says Dr Jörg Sandvoss, CEO of DB Regio. “With intensive user tests, we will determine the most promising ideas in a further step and then work on their realisation together with transport authorities and our industrial and technology partners. When developing such concepts, it is not about implementing a train with all the creative ideas at once, but rather taking individual approaches into consideration for new trains. Our goal is that the public transport operators think about such ideas in their future tenders.”

“The mobility behaviour of commuters in Germany is changing rapidly,” adds Dr Johann Niggl, executive director with BEG. “Passengers expect comfort and individuality and want to use their time wisely. Today, the train offers many advantages, but once autonomous cars are a reality, rail has to offer new benefits. Vehicles must be suitable for mass transport and highly reliable, but at the same time are comfortable and individual.”

DB Regio BEG Ideas Train2

Innovative seating designs in the Ideas Train.