Škoda says the new company, which now has more than 70 employees, will significantly enhance its digitisation know-how and competence, and will also increase the group’s technical capacity for new projects.

“The purpose of the new company is to ensure the independence of Škoda in the development, production and service of Train Control and Management System (TCMS) and diagnostic and multimedia systems,” says Škoda president and chairman of the board, Mr Petr Brzezina. “In connection with this, a modern independent development centre in the field of digitisation and Smart technology for the products of our group was established.”

Founded in 1994, Lokel manufactures and supplies rail vehicle control systems. The company focuses mainly on the development, production, design, implementation, consulting and servicing of control and other electronic equipment.

“The newly established Škoda Digital will deliver its own solution not only for products from the Škoda group, but also for other external clients,” says Mr Jiří Liberda, CEO of Škoda Digital.

Škoda Digital's product portfolio will consist of three core systems:

  • TCMS, an ethernet technology-driven vehicle management platform that allows you to work with large amounts of data for trams, electric units, locomotives and metro trains
  • a diagnostic system that processes vehicle, traffic and service data and subsequent data analysis to enable predictive maintenance and more accurate life cycle costs, and
  • a multimedia system for camera systems, information systems, radio or emergency communications.