The project will aim to enable SNCF’s catering providers, Newrest Wagons-Lits, to manage the onboard sale and stock process. ECR says the initial testing stage was successful, demonstrating that the project could support Newrest’s wider payment strategy across 2353 services per month.

“Technology is impacting every aspect of modern travel, from on-board entertainment and Wi-Fi, to travel updates and automated refunds, and consumers are increasingly expecting an enhanced customer experience as they travel,” says Mr Simon Pont, CEO of ECR.

The two-phase contract was awarded in April 2015. Phase 1 of the project comprised deployment of 1480 ECR Go handheld devices running ECR’s rail point-of-sale system, RailPos, which will enable staff to carry out sales via cash or card payments while trains are in operation. Phase 2 aims to build on this by enabling Newrest to transition towards a system that automates and improves the current paper-based stock management process, and enables greater control, predictability, traceability and management of stock.