TCDD's GSM-R network consists of multi-vendor installations from Huawei, Kapsch and Nokia and is used for all rail operational voice and mission-critical data communication between onboard equipment and ground-based control centres.

Rina, which offer independent certification services, says that in these types of installations it is very important to ensure interoperability of each vendors' equipment. In Turkey, Huawei has installed its GSM-R Base Station Sub System (BSS), while Nokia has deployed its GSM-R Network Switching Sub System (NSS).

"We carried out eight weeks of testing, which included static tests performed in a lab environment in Ankara and dynamic tests along the track in the Eskisehir area," says Ms Federica Fornari, head of railway certification GSM-R unit at Rina Services. "The results of these tests prove that Huawei BSS Access network and Nokia NSS Core network are interoperable and are performing in accordance with the applicable Eirene requirements."