The four groups comprise:

  • DCME Plus Group consisting of Israeli companies Dania Sivus and Menolid Heruth Systems, with PEC&S Planning Engineering, Consulting & Services, Germany, and China Civil Engineering Construction Company.
  • Jerusalem Railway Partners Group consisting of Israeli companies Sikun-Ubinuy-Solel Bone Infrastructures and Lesico, plus Eiffage Rail, Germany, and Elcnor, Spain.
  • Shapir-PRS-Pasca joint venture consisting of: Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering, Israel, and Spanish companies Ingeneria y Construccion Pacsa, and Power & Railway Solutions, and
  • Electra Boegl joint venture consisting of Electra Infrastructures Hasharon Excavators, Israel, Signon Schweiz, Switzerland, and Max Boegl, Germany.

The contract involves laying 46km of slab track type, implementation of civil engineering works including finishing tunnel, bridges, and interconnecting sections, installing electro-mechanical systems to support railway operation, monitoring the integration of infrastructure installation including electrification, and maintaining the systems that the sub-contractor will install.

"The railways are managing the implementation works along the whole alignment while maintaining the schedule towards opening the line at the end of 2017," says Israel railways' general manager Mr Boaz Zarir.