June 28, 2016

Israel Railways negotiates switch and crossing deal

Written by  Jeremaya Goldberg
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FOLLOWING the cancellation of a tender for switches and crossings, Israel Railways (IR) has decided to invite prospective suppliers to attend face-to-face meetings to assess the tender documents.

IR requires turnouts, diamond crossings and expansion switches installed on timber or concrete bearers, or slab track for the conventional network. The contract will be for five years, with the option to extend it up to a further five years.


Bidders must have their own design departments and have supplied standard-gauge turnouts, double slips, scissor crossovers and expansion switches on 54E or 60E rails for speeds up 160km/h, or 200km/h for 1/12 and 1/20 turnouts and expansion switches.

Turnouts on wooden bearers must have a service life of 20 years, increasing to 30 years for turnouts on concrete bearers and slab track. All turnouts and crossings should have 54E1 or 60E2 rail profiles and be designed for a maximum axleload of 22.5 tonnes.

The maximum cant deficiency should be 110mm for speeds up to 120km/h, 100mm for up 160km/h and 60mm for up to 200km/h.

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