CAF, Spain, has been awarded three Italian contracts worth more than €150m to supply six metro trains to Naples, LRVs to Palermo in Sicily, and 98 electric buses to Cagliari in Sardinia.

The contract with Naples regional public transport operator EAV is for the supply of six six-car metro trains, as well as spare parts and comprehensive maintenance of the trains for three years.

This order is part of a framework contract for 10 trains, the first four of which are nearing completion. The trains are similar to the 24 trains which the municipality of Naples purchased for metro Line 1.

The 10 trains will operate on the Piscinola/Scampia - Aversa line and eventually on the metro line which will run from Piscinola via Miano, Secondigliano and Capodichino Airport to connect with Line 1 at Garibaldi.


For the Palermo contract, CAF is in a joint venture with the Sis consortium, Italy, to deliver a €400m project to build three light rail extensions - sections A, B and C - and supply nine LRVs with an option to supply a further 35. The consortium has five months to prepare the executive project before construction begins.

The project will be partially financed with funds from Italy’s Pact for the South approved in 2016 by the government led by former prime minister Mr Matteo Renzi.

The municipality of Palermo wants sections C and B to be built first, while analysis is carried out to determine the most suitable route for Section A. Section C will be an extension of the existing 8km Line 4 which currently terminates at Notarbartolo in the city centre, while Section B will be an extension of the 5.5km Line 1 which connects the eastern part of the city with the central station.

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