THE prototype Ivolga 4.0 EMU built by Transmashholding (TMH) has arrived at the Russian Railways (RZD) test circuit at Scherbinka, west of Moscow, to commence certification testing.

The 11-car train is the fourth generation of the Ivolga platform built by TMH at Tver Carriage Works. 97% of the components used in the new train are sourced from within Russia.

The prototype has already completed braking, performance and track impact tests at the Belorechenskaya test circuit. Certification testing at Scherbinka includes a 5000km fault-free test run as well as traction and energy performance tests, EMC measurements, and software testing, with the testing programme due to conclude by November 10.

Moscow Metro placed an order for 35 11-car trains with TMH in 2022, which includes the purchase of 18 Ivolga 4.0 trains. Moscow’s Department of Transportation has said that it will purchase 95 Ivolga EMUs by 2025 for use on the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) network.

Following the completion of certification, the exterior and interior appearance of the train will be updated. Among the new features of the 160km/h train are the addition of a third door per side on the intermediate cars to improve boarding. The train will also be equipped with onboard Wi-Fi, smart lighting, passenger information screens and power sockets for passengers.

The asynchronous traction system will enable the Ivolga 4.0 to accelerate at up to 1m/s2, faster than the Ivolga 3.0, which will support reduced headways. The new train also has 646 seats compared with 716 on the Ivolga 3.0, which is in service on MCD Line 2 and will soon be deployed on MCD Line 3. Moscow Metro expects to introduce the Ivolga 4.0 on the MCD network in 2024.

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