KASSEL Transport (KVG), which operates tram, light rail, bus and trolley bus services in the German city, has launched a tender for up to 40 uni and bi-directional LRVs worth around €130m to replace ageing trams. The tender, dubbed Straßenbahnen 2022, includes a firm order for 22 LRVs and two options for eight and 10 units respectively. KVG will determine the combination of uni and bi-directional vehicles, aside from a firm order for 10 bi-directional LRVs.

The vehicles must be low-floor with bogies, and no more than 31m-long and 2.4m-wide with the lower body to be no more than 2.3m-wide. The LRVs will operate on the 1432mm-gauge network. As the LRVs will operate in tunnels, the longitudinal stiffness of the body shells must be at least 300kN.

The bi-directional trams must have four doors per side, including three double-doors, while the uni-directional trams must have five on one side, including four double-doors. The vehicles must be suitable for ATO in the depot and be prepared for ATO to a limited extent in commercial operation.

Two bi-directional LRVs will be delivered in 2025 for testing and authorisation, with another eight to be delivered at a rate of one a month from 2026. The manufacturer will then supply the remaining 12 LRVs as either single or bi-directional units.

The two options are for either single or bi-directional units, also to be delivered at one a month.

Bids must have been received by KVG before April 11.

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