In January 2018, MPK Kraków awarded a Zlotys 315m ($US 75.4m) contract to Solaris, Czech Republic, and Stadler, Poland, for 35 LRVs with an option for a further 15 vehicles. In April 2019, MPK Kraków launched a new tender for up to 60 low-floor LRVs and in September Stadler was the only bidder with an offer valued at Zlotys 619.3m. Stadler says combined with the previous order it will now supply up to 110 LRVs.

Under the new framework agreement, Stadler will supply 60 Tango Kraków Lajkonik II low-floor LRVs and has two implementation contracts for 10 and 25 vehicles. Delivery is scheduled for mid-2023. Stadler says the new LRVs will be a continuation of the Tango Kraków Lajkonik series currently being produced.

The three-section air-conditioned LRVs have four bogies. The entrances are 1.4m wide for rapid boarding and alighting and the front of the vehicle is designed to protect pedestrians.

Stadler says the LRVs will have more low floor space and more room for people in wheelchairs, and special backrests designed to increase standing room. Each LRV has 75 seats and can accommodate 163 standing passengers. The vehicles will be fitted with a ticket vending machine, USB ports for charging smartphones, and passenger information, counting and monitoring systems.

The Kraków vehicles have an energy regeneration system. Two LRVs will be designed for operation without an external power supply, while the remaining vehicles will be prepared for this.

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