The 52.1km Domodossola - Locarno Centovalli railway crosses the Italian-Swiss border, passing through the spectacular Vigezzo Valley in Italy and Centovalli on the Swiss side of the border.  

Stadler will deliver four 63m-long four-car 1350V dc trains for the cross-border route, while four 49m-long three-car sets will provide regional services on the 19.8km Swiss section. The three-car trains have capacity for 264 passengers and the four-car sets 343 passengers. The new trains feature aluminium car bodies, passenger Wi-Fi, and will comply with accessibility laws for disabled passengers. There is also reserved areas for wheelchairs, bicycles and prams. Delivery will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the railway in 2023.  

“Over the past few months, we have worked closely with Stadler to define all the contractual details necessary for the completion of a contract of this kind,” says Mr Paolo Caroni, chairman of the board of directors of Fart. “The challenge for us was to take advantage today of all the options for the development and modernisation of trains that will enter into service at the end of 2023 and continue to operate for decades to come. It is a great opportunity that requires vision and foresight.” 

Stadler has also supplied Flirt EMUs for Tilo Ticino - Lombardy cross-border services and is supplying Tramlink tram-trains to Lugano, which are due to enter service in summer 2021. 

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