FRMCS agreement

Alstom, Ericsson, NetWorks! and the Polish Railway Institute officially confirmed their cooperation on the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) by signing a letter of intent regarding the implementation and testing of the new railway telecoms system in Poland.

As part of the newly-announced cooperation, the signatories will engage in joint research and development projects, verify requirements and solutions in actual railway conditions on a full-scale track, and create and develop training models and certification for FRMCS.

Based on the letter of intent:

  • Alstom will provide a modern control subsystem for vehicles
  • Ericsson will provide a radio telecommunications network for the FRMCS pilot
  • NetWorks! will provide its expertise in telecommunications solutions for the railway sector, and will build and maintain the FRMCS test network, and
  • the Polish Railway Institute will provide the necessary research infrastructure where FRMCS will be tested.

Stadler unveils light rail vehicle

Stadler presented two different types of vehicles, both of which it says have the potential to significantly improve public transport on regional networks.

This included the Tango NF3 LRV for Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Stadler signed a contract in September 2021 with the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Transport for the supply of a fleet of Tango LRVs, the first new vehicles for the network that opened in 1885 that has previously relied on second-hand rolling stock.

Stadler says the new LRVs will enhance passenger comfort and provide better facilities for passengers with reduced mobility. The Tango NF3 LRV features air-conditioning, a modular design and an ergonomic driver's cab. The uni-directional, three-section LRV is 31.1m long, 2.4m wide and 3.6m high, with capacity for 180 passengers including 79 seated.

Stadler also showcased the Flirt EMU ordered by Serbian Railways (SV). Stadler and SV signed an agreement for 18 Flirt EMUs at the end of 2021, following a contract for 21 Flirt EMUs finalised in 2014 and three Kiss EMUs in 2015.

Stadler says the Flirt EMU for Serbia features a lightweight aluminium structure, and its design puts the emphasis on low energy consumption and ease of operation.

The EMU is fitted with air-conditioning, interior and exterior CCTV, as well as visual and audio passenger information systems.

Newag signs collaboration agreements

Newag signed a consortium agreement with Pesa to jointly compete for a tender launched by PKP Intercity for 38 seven-car double-decker push-pull trains and 45 locomotives.

Newag also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Hyundai-Rotem to jointly bid to supply high-speed trains for Poland’s new high-speed network under the Central Communication Port (CPK) project. Up to 150 new trains are estimated to be required for the 2000km network.

Polish agreements signed

CPK and Polish operator Polregio signed a cooperation agreement, under which they will strengthen cooperation within the framework of the CPK Passenger Transport Model (PMT) and Horizontal Timetable (HRJ) projects, providing each other with further data that is needed to analyse and forecast the development of passenger traffic.

CPK and Polregio will also work together to create a comprehensive overview of the need for rolling stock for inter-regional and nationwide high-speed services.

Thirdly, CPK and Polregio will work to promote rail transport and implement modern solutions to improve the quality of services for passengers. Polregio will also implement a new ticketing system that will take into account the needs of passengers highlighted in the analytical work carried out by CPK.

An in-depth analysis of the CPK project will appear in the October issue of IRJ.

Rail leasing contracts

Railpool signed an agreement with Alza Cargo for the lease of three Alstom Traxx DC3 locomotives with a last-mile module. After a short-term lease of a Traxx MS2 locomotive from Railpool this year, Ost-West Logistics Polska signed a deal with Railpool to lease two Siemens Mobility Vectron MS locomotives in 2024.

Akiem will lease two 311D diesel locomotives to TKP Silesia , while four more 311D locomotives will be leased by Laude Smart Intermodal to operate in Poland.

Škoda highlights new systems

Škoda presented its digital systems including that for automatic train operation (ATO) and its anti-collision system (ACS) during a press conference at Trako 2023.

The ATO system automatically controls the train, planning the journey to ensure the service remains on time while reacting to the current situation on the route to minimise energy consumption. The system retains a driver onboard to deal with unforeseen events.

Škoda’s ACS uses a combination of Lidar technology, cameras and precise determination of vehicle location using HD maps and odometry to create a virtual “tunnel” in which the vehicle can detect obstacles, providing early warning to the driver and also initiating emergency braking if needed.

Siemens displays regional EMU

Siemens Mobility presented a Mireo regional EMU for the first time in Poland, a target market for the manufacturer with this train type. The Mireo EMU presented at Trako has been operated by DB Regio on the Lausitz regional network since December 2022, which includes routes close to the Polish border.

The EMU has a maximum speed of 160km/h, and capacity to seat 180 passengers including 10 in first class.

Infrastructure maintenance

Alstom and Polish infrastructure manager PKP PLK signed a contract for the service and maintenance of rail traffic control systems delivered by Alstom, which will run until 2027.

Under the contract, Alstom will supply spare parts for signalling equipment, including relays, point drives, track occupancy detection systems, level crossing systems and computer dependency systems. The contract will enable continuous implementation of activities related to preventive and corrective maintenance.

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