The 12 ‘Mälartåg’ four-car EMUs, a variation of the supplier’s Dosto platform, will cost an additional SKr 1.3bn ($US 140m) and are scheduled to begin operation on the Mälaren Line west of Stockholm in autumn 2021.

The option follows the original order of 33 trains agreed in 2016 for SKr 3.5bn to be leased to operator Mälardal Traffic. The trains entered service on four routes in Örebro, Stockholm, Sörmland and Västmanland in December 2019. The order was later expanded to include an additional eight sets for the Uppsala region. With the new option, Transitio will have ordered a total of 53 trains from Stadler so far, with the option for an additional 57 trains available.

The 105m-long four-car double-decker trains are capable of maximum speeds of up to 200km/h, and provide one class which offers passengers a large, comfortable coaches.

The train has been adapted to meet Swedish loading gauges, and the country’s intense winters.

They can operate at -40°C in a maximum depth of 800mm of snow, and the coaches are equipped with wall and underfloor heating as well as improved insulation. The underframes of the trains have also been designed to minimise freezing, and coach bodies have been adapted to reduce damage from collisions with wildlife.

“Just like the trains that have already been in service since December 2019, the newly orered vehicles will correspond to the Scandinavian design line developed jointly with Transitio,” says Mr Ansgar Brockmeyer, Stadler’s head of sales. “The fact that we have received a follow-up order from Transitio so soon after the new double-decker trains started operation is a great vote of confidence and recognition of the quality of the new trains.”

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