Swiss Combi is owned by four freight logistics service providers: Planzer Holding (40%), Camion Transport (40%), Bertschi (10%) and Galliker Holding (10%). SBB will be the majority shareholder in SBB Cargo with a 65% stake. Wago also approved the detachment of SBB Cargo International from SBB Cargo and its transfer to SBB.

SBB Cargo has been managed as an independent SBB group company since the beginning of 2019 as a prerequisite for Swiss Combi purchasing part of SBB Cargo. 

SBB Cargo’s Board of Directors will be newly constituted at the company’s annual general meeting in April and will consist of five members with Mr Eric Grob as president. SBB’s CFO Mr Christoph Hammer will remain a director, and Mr Nicolas Perrin will take over the mandate of former SBB CEO, Mr Andreas Meyer. Swiss Combi will appoint two board members: Mr Nils Planzer and Mr Josef Jäger. The new CEO of SBB Cargo, Ms Désirée Baer, ​​took office on March 1, after a one-month introductory period.

SBB Cargo transported 32.8 million net tonnes of wagonload, block train and intermodal freight traffic in Switzerland in 2019 with a market share of just under 16%. SBB Cargo International is the leading provider of cross-Alpine rail freight through Switzerland with a 38.4% market share.

SBB Cargo’s turnover in 2019 was SFr 712m ($US 735m). The fleet comprises 5038 freight wagons, and 293 mainline and 84 shunting locomotives. 

SBB Cargo says the addition of Swiss Combi to the business will strengthen its position in the wagonload and intermodal freight markets, improve rail’s competitiveness in the logistics chain, enable it to win new customers and achieve economies of scale by making the best use of road and rail.