The winners of the 34km Har Yona - Merkazit Hamifratz interurban sections A, B and C are K S M G Contractors (infrastructure and development), A M Z Shemesh, Olizki Infrastructures, Rolider, and Y Lehrer & Co.

Y Lehrer & Co, Rolider, Abraham Isaac Co, and Brothers Anton Earthworks has won the 7km Har Yona (Yona mountain) - Taufic Ziad urban section D.

Preliminary work is due to start before the end of the year, including moving and rebuilding infrastructure, building supporting walls, earthworks and pavements.

Initial works will be concentrated at Kiryat-Ata and Nof Hagalil, and will include clearing an area for a depot at Kiryat-Ata, building two park-and-ride facilities at Nof Hagalil in the industrial zone of Har Yona and at the urban market, and work at the government offices at Nof Hagalil.

The $US 2bn Haifa - Nazareth project will have 20 stations in the Galilee and Haifa metropolitan areas. The line, which will carry 100,000 passengers daily, will start at HaMifratz central station in Haifa, Isarel’s largest transport hub, before running through Kiryat Ata. The line will then pass through the towns of Shfar’am, Bir El-Maksur, Mashhad, Reineh, and Nof HaGalil, before terminating in Nazareth.

Minister for transport, Mrs Miri Regev, and TransIsrael chairman, Mr Husam Bishara, say the line will enable direct and convenient links between Nazareth, Haifa, and other parts of central and southern Israel, and will increase the use of public transport.

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