FRMCS, which is being developed by a team led by the International Union of Railways (UIC), will be designed for 5G, which is starting to roll-out. 5G offers reliable, high-speed, low-latency performance and much greater capacity than GSM-R to improve existing telecommunications services and allow the development of new ones for railways.

SNCF and Nokia will evaluate FRMCS applications in the laboratory and out in the field. Infrastructure manager SNCF Network and SNCF’s innovation and research department will be closely involved in the project.

“SNCF’s ambition is to create a universal telecommunications system capable of meeting the needs of the rail system in the future,” says Ms Carole Desnost, director SNCF innovation and research.

“This collaboration highlights the full potential of 5G to address industrial use cases where current technologies are reaching their limits,” says Mr Matthieu Bourguignon, vice-president, Europe, with Nokia Enterprise.