DUTCH infrastructure manager ProRail has awarded Strukton a €234.4m contract to undertake large-scale reconstruction works at Amsterdam Central station, the largest contract under the station rebuild project.

Strukton will be responsible for remodelling the track layout, modernising the points and replacing five ageing viaducts on the eastern access to the station. It will also rebuild wider and longer platforms, enlarge the eastern passenger subway including creating space for shops underneath the tracks, improve access from the tunnel to the platforms, and create a parking area for 9000 bicycles alongside the existing 13,500 bicycle parking places.

ProRail says the reconstruction will retain the historic character of the building, which was designed by Dutch architect, Mr Pierre Cuypers, in 1889. The €850m complete project aims to increase the capacity of the station from the current 200,000 passengers a day to 275,000 by 2030.

Work under the contract is due to start in 2024 and the entire project is scheduled for completion in 2030. Works on the eastern side of the station will be carried out from north to south, although this process has been criticised by operators including Eurostar, which could be prevented from operating to Amsterdam .for up to 11 months. Discussions are still underway between ProRail, Netherlands Railways (NS), Eurostar and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure on ways this can be avoided, and an outcome is expected soon.

Both freight and passengers operators are also unhappy about the removal of tracks that do not serve platforms, which have allowed freight trains to smoothly pass through the station.

Initial works on the project began in 2021, including the construction of a grade-separated junction on the site of the former Amsterdam Dijksgracht freight yard, 2km east of the station.