CHINA opened the 185km, 350km/h Xuzhou - Lianyungang high-speed line on February 8, completing the 3422km Lianyungang - Urumqi high-speed corridor, the longest of the country’s eight horizontal high-speed corridors. 

Dubbed the Xulian high-speed railway, the Xuzhou - Lianyungang high-speed line connects six stations at Xuzhou East, Daxu South, Pizhou East, Xinyi South, Donghai County and Lianyungang. China National Railways (CR) will operate seven trains per direction per day, with an operating speed of 300km/h, providing a one hour journey time.  

The Xulian line connects with the Xuzhou - Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou - Xi'an, Xi'an - Baogui, Baoji - Lanzhou and Lanzhou - Urumqi lines. The line also provides a connection between the Beijing - Shanghai corridor and the coastal rail corridor, connecting the Beijing - Shanghai, Zheng - Xu and Xu - Yan lines at the Xuzhou hub, and the Lianyungang high-speed line at Lianyungang. 

The opening of the line will release capacity for freight services on the existing network, and reinforce Lianyungang’s position as the eastern starting point of the New Asia-Europe Continental Bridge Economic Corridor of China’s Belt and Road initiative.  

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