SOLIDARITY Transport Hub Poland (CPK) has awarded three contracts to conduct preparatory works for two high-speed rail lines in the northeast and west of the country.

The CPK project is a planned transport hub between Warsaw and Łódź, which includes the construction of a new airport 37km west of Warsaw, as well as the development of 12 lines including 10 high-speed rail lines radiating to major centres across Poland. The hub is designed to reduce travel times between Warsaw and the largest Polish cities to less than 2.5 hours.

A consortium of Egis Polska, Egis Rail and JAF Geotechnika will undertake the technical, economic, and environmental study (STEŚ) for the 140km Ostrołęka - Łomża - Giżycko line. The line, part of Spoke 3 of the CPK project, will provide a connection to Łomża, one of the largest cities in Poland not connected to the passenger rail network. The consortium submitted a bid of Zlotys 20.1m ($US 5.2m), with the selection based on price (70%) and staff experience (30%).

The line will reduce travels times from Warsaw to Ostrołęka to an hour; to Łomża to 1h 15min; to Kolno to 1h 30min; to Pisz to 1h 45min; to Orzysz to 2h; and to Giżycko to 2h 15min. The line will also release additional capacity on the existing network for regional and freight services.

As part of the STEŚ process, the consortium will develop a preferred route for the line. The firm will have 14 months to prepare the report, although this may be extended by another five months due to the need to acquire geological documentation and maps for design purposes. Construction between Ostrołęka and Łomża is due to start in 2023, and will be completed by the end of 2027.

CPK will also co-finance the development of local railways as part of the project, including the construction of 56km of new lines and renewal of 265km of lines in the Podlaskie region, as well as the construction of 74km of new lines and renewal of 208km lines in the Warmian-Masurian region.

Spoke 9

CPK has also awarded two contracts for Spoke 9, which will connect Łódź with Sieradz, Wrocław, Wałbrzych and Lubawka on the Polish-Czech border.

A consortium of Multiconsult Polska, Arcadis, Transport Gdanski and IDOM Inżynieria has been awarded a Zlotys 38.1m contract to develop the STEŚ for the Łódź - Sieradz Północny and Sieradz Północny - Kępno - Czernica Wrocławska - Wrocław Główny lines, totalling around 200km of railway.

BBF has been awarded a Zlotys 15.1m contract to undertake the STEŚ for the 60km Żarów - Świdnica - Wałbrzych - Czech border line.

“This is an important line from the point of view of serving the CPK,” says CPK president, Mr Mikołaj Wild. “Above all, however, it is one of the most awaited railway routes in Poland. The investment which is under construction will eventually connect with the investment prepared by the Czechs. Together we will create a new rail connection with Prague.”

Both contracts must be completed within 11 months, with a three-month extension. The contracts will provide traffic forecasts alongside the technical and environmental studies, as well as geological-engineering documentation and maps.

The 250km/h line will reduce Łódź - Sieradz travel times from an hour to 25 minutes, and Łódź - Wrocław travel times from 3h 25min to 1h 10min. Construction is due to begin in 2023, and will be completed by 2027.

CPK will modernise 305km of existing lines in the Łódź region, and build 219km of new lines, as well as building 119km of new lines and modernising 126km of existing lines in the Lower Silesia region.

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