However, the regulator has ordered a hole to be cut in a fence further up the platform, which was erected in 2000, so that passengers and the public can gain direct access to the platform from the street.

NTV leased a building next to platform 15 from a property company called Geal to convert it into a lounge, but did not seek permission from RFI, the infrastructure manager subsidiary of Italian State Railways (FS), to gain access to platform 15 which is used by trains operated by both NTV and FS subsidiary Trenitalia. A few months ago RFI decided to erect a second fence on platform 15 in front of NTV's new passenger lounge, forcing NTV passengers to make a long detour to reach their train.

In a further twist, RFI is now seeking permission from Geal to reopen the access to the subway which connects all the platforms at Ostiense. The access is located on land owned by Geal.