PORTO Metro has received only two bids for a contract to undertake civil works on the 6.3km Ruby Line H, which will run from Casa da Música to Santo Ovídio.

The bids have been submitted by a consortium of Alberto Couto Alves, FCC and Contratas y Ventas, and by a second grouping of Casais, Conduril, Teixeira Duarte, Alves Ribeiro and Somafel.

The two offers will now be assessed by the tender committee in order to prepare an evaluation report and recommend a preferred bidder to the Porto Metro board of directors.

Porto Metro hopes to start construction by the end of 2023 in order for the Ruby Line to enter service in 2026.

Civil works for the project will include two tunnels as well as a new bridge over the Douro River, which will have a span of 430m, the largest of any concrete bridge in Europe.

The Ruby Line will have intermediate stations at Campo Alegre, Arrábida, Candal, Rotunda, Devesas and Soares dos Reis and Santo Ovídio. Interchange will be provided with the Blue, Red, Green, Violet and Orange lines at Casa da Música, and with the Yellow Line at Santo Ovídio.

With a budget of €370m, the Ruby Line contract is the largest by value to have been tendered under Portugal’s Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR). The total cost of the project is €435m, which will be entirely fully funded by the PRR.

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