The tender calls for a base order for 123 vehicles with an option for 90 additional units. The initial build will comprise 85 33m-long bidirectional vehicles, 18 33m-long unidrectional vehicles, and 24 24m-long unidirectional vehicles.

The option comprises 45 33m-long vehicles of each type.

The contract has an estimated net value of Zlotys 1.9bn ($US 510m) and will partially funded by the European Union. Deliveries will begin within 22 months of contract signing. All vehicles in the base order must be delivered by the end of October 2022, with those in the option arriving by October 2023.

Warsaw Tramways abandoned its previous tender for up to 213 LRVs in August 2017 as the highest-scoring bid, which came from Škoda Transportation, exceeded the Zlotys 2.3bn budget by Zlotys 387m.

“In determining the terms of the new tender we wanted to ensure broad and fair competition between suppliers,” says Warsaw Tramways president Mr Wojciech Bartelski. “Through our conclusions from the recently-annulled tender and broader experience, we have prepared new evaluation criteria. Our goal was to shorten the selection time of the contractor and at the same time purchase good trams. That is why we have changed the criteria so that any potential legal assessment of the tender process does not continue for months.”

The primary scoring criteria in the new tender are price (64%), technical features (14%) and energy consumption (12%). Bidders will also be evaluated on noise emissions (4%) and guarantee period (2%).