Through its Infrastructure and Environmental Operational Programme, the EU will contribute Zlotys 617m ($US 168m) towards the extension of the tram network to Wilanow and Goclaw, the purchase of 68 LRVs and the construction of a new depot.

The 12km line from Warsaw West station to the southern district of Wilanów will serve 18 stations, including an underground station at Warsaw West. The project includes the acquisition of 50 bidirectional LRVs and the construction of a new depot at Annapol, which will accommodate up to 150 trams. The EU will contribute Zlotys 555m towards the Zlotys 1.19bn project.

The 4km line from Aleja Waszyngtona to Goclaw will run alongside the Wystawowy canal, terminating at Trasy Siekierkowskiej in Goclaw, where a balloon loop will be constructed. The project includes the reconstruction of 4.5km of the existing tram line along Aleja Waszyngtona and the modernisation of eight stations, which will be adapted for passengers with reduced mobility.

Warsaw Tramways will procure 18 unidirectional trams as part of the Zlotys 392m project, which will receive Zlotys 62m in EU funding.

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