The network is being tendered in four lots covering a total of around 4.7 million train-km per year, including 346,000km in the neighbouring state of Bavaria and 302,000km in Swiss territory. All four contracts start in December 2017 and run for six years, although an earlier end date is envisaged on routes where electrification is planned.

The tender does not specify new trains, but rolling stock quality will be taken into account in the evaluation of bids.

Lot 16a covers around 2.1 million train-km per year on four routes:

  • Ulm - Aulendorf/Friedrichshafen
  • Sigmaringen - Aulendorf - Memmingen
  • Kisslegg - Wangen - Lindau, and
  • selected services on the Aulendorf - Pfuffendorf/Bad Wurzach and Sigmaringen - Albstadt- Ebingen lines.

A six-year term is anticipated for this lot, with the exception of Memmingen - Lindau services, which are being tendered for just three years.

Lot 16b covers 1.25 million train-km on four diesel-operated lines:

  • Lindau - Friedrichshafen
  • Friedrichshafen - Radolfzell
  • Lindau - Hergatz (selected services), and
  • Friedrichshafen - Ulm (selected services).

Lot 16c covers a total of around 1.1 million train-km on the Basle Bad (Switzerland) -Lauchringen/Erzingen line together with selected services between Lauchringen and Weizen, while Lot 16d concerns electric services from Erzingen to Schaffhausen in Switzerland.