NEW entrant European Sleeper has confirmed the inaugural timetable for its Brussels – Amsterdam – Berlin – Dresden – Prague overnight service that it will launch in summer 2022, slightly later than its planned start date of April.

The trains will depart Brussels Midi at 19.22 on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, arriving in Amsterdam Central at 22.34, Berlin Main Station at 05.52, Dresden at 07.49 and Prague Main Station at 10.24. The return service will operate on Sunday, Tuesdays and Thursdays, departing Prague at 18.31, Dresden at 21.02, Berlin at 23.05, Amsterdam at 06.26, arriving in Brussels at 09.54. (see the below graphic for the full timetable including all station stops.)

European Sleeper secured paths for the service in November. The operator says it will confirm an exact start date and ticket prices as well as train composition early next year with ticket sales getting underway in the spring. It also plans to introduce a daily service as soon as possible. “The use of the right coaches is essential for the creation of a good night train product,” the company says. “That is why we will start operation a few months later than originally scheduled. We are still working on optimising the train composition to offer more comfort and good value for money.”

The company adds that it plans to offer attractive fares for private compartments, which have become even more important due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It will also be possible to transport bicycles on its trains.

European Sleeper has partnered with Czech private operator RegioJet, which will operate the service. The two operators are also planning to introduce another new overnight service from Brussels and Amsterdam to Warsaw in 2023. They say discussions with Polish authorities are underway and they plan to integrate this train with the Prague service. European Sleeper adds that it has the ambition to introduce a new night train service from Brussels and Amsterdam the following year, but did not provide details of specific routes.

European Sleeper announced its intention to introduce an international night train service from Brussels via Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Berlin and Dresden to Prague on April 6, the same day as a near-identical service was announced by Belgian company Moonlight Express. The two companies have since merged, keeping the European Sleeper title.