Izy operates two return services per day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, with three return services on Fridays and Sundays, primarily targeting the leisure market.

Standard fares start at €19 and the maximum fare is €59 in Standard class and €69 in Standard XL, which will feature larger seats and at-seat power sockets. Izy offers €10 fares for children under 12 years of age and 10 tickets without a guaranteed seat are sold on each train for €10. There are also 25 tickets for folding seats, which are priced at €15. Distribution is 100% digital and all pre-travel customer services are dealt with online.

Thalys says it is keeping fares low by simplifying onboard services - there is no bar car or Wi-Fi - as well as restricting ticket flexibility, digitising distribution and using the conventional network instead of high-speed lines. The average journey time for the 312km trip is 2h 15min, compared with around 1h 22min for standard Thalys services, which operate via the LGV Nord high-speed line. However, Thalys says Izy will still be significantly quicker than driving.

All services are operated by two multi-system TGV Réseau sets, which carry Izy's green and purple interior and exterior and livery.