The 6.5km Noida City Centre - Noida Electronic City Blue Line extension was inaugurated by prime minister Mr Narendra Modi via a live video link before passenger operations began at 16.00. The 56.5km Dwarka Sector 21 - Noida Electronic City Blue Line is now the second longest in Delhi behind the 59km Majlis Park - Shiv Vihar Pink Line.

The Noida City Centre - Electronic City section will provide a metro link to residential sectors 34, 52 and 22 and commercial sectors 59, 61, 62. The line will also improve connections to Fortis Hospital and Life Care Hospital.

The Blue Line extension was inaugurated by prime minister Mr Narendra Modi via a live video link.

The 9.63km Dilshad Garden - New Bus Adda section of the elevated, 1676mm-gauge Red Line (Line 1) was inaugurated by Modi at a ceremony in Ghaziabad on March 8, before beginning operations at 08.00 the next day. The line passes through Shaheed Nagar, Raj Bagh, Major Mohit Sharma Rajendxra Nagar, Shyam Park, Mohan Nagar, Arthala and Hindon River Station. All stations are designed to improve access for passengers with reduced mobility.

Platforms on the line are 185m long and 13.5m above ground, while all passenger overbridges are between 5.6 and 7.8m high. Delhi Metro says all stations conform with Indian Green Building Certification (IGBC) standards. All stations, except Hindon River, have separate overbridges for metro passengers and the general public.

The extension is the second line into Ghaziabad after the Vaishali branch of the Blue Line.

In 2017, the state government of Haryana approved the construction of a 4.9km northern extension of the Red Line from Narela to Kundli. The Delhi metro network passed the 300km mark in October 2018 with the inauguration of the 17.8km eastern section of the orbital Pink Line (Line 7) from Shiv Vihar to Trilokpuri Sanjay Lake.

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