The contract includes the development of engineering plans and a construction programme for the project, including cost estimates. Aecom will also liaise with relevant government departments and stakeholders during the process.

The project is an extension of the existing West Rail Line from Tuen Mun Station to a new terminus at Tuen Mun South, with a new intermediate station, currently designated as A16, which will be built alongside other property developments in the area.

Work on ground and utility surveying for the project has already begun.

When completed, the extension is expected to improve connectivity in the area, offering a new transport option to around 110,000 residents along its route.

“It will be a priority to actively engage the local communities in the planning, design and construction,” says Mr Roger Bayliss, MTR’s project director.

The announcement follows the project’s approval by the Hong Kong government for MTR to proceed with planning and design work for the project on May 29.

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