THE first section of Nanjing’s metro Line 5, in Jiangning district, opened to passengers on March 31.

After an eight-year construction period, trains are now running on the southern 12.9km between Jiyindadao and Wenjinglu, calling at intermediate stations at Dongshan, Xintinglu, Zhushanlu, Keninglu, Qianzhuang, Chenxindadao and Jiulonghunan. The end-to-end journey time is approximately 18 minutes.

The northern 23km section between Wenjinglu and Fangjiaying, with 20 intermediate stations, is still under construction. Local sources suggest that this section could be completed by the end of next year.

Services stop running at 21.00 (unlike the rest of the metro at 23.00) to provide access for construction workers while the remainder of the line is built.

The opening of Line 5 comes three months after the 10.7km southern section of Line 7 opened, running from Yingtiandajie to Xishanqiao. The northern 12.6km section Mufuxilu to Xianxinlu had entered service on December 28 2022, and the two currently isolated portions of Line 7 now run for a total of 35.7km serving 27 stations.

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