The government does not believe that the rail network is being used to its full potential and thinks allowing more than one operator on a line will help stimulate growth. Valec, Brazil's railway engineering and construction company, will be responsible controlling access to the lines.

The four lines will have a total length of 2720km. They comprise a 1200km north-south line from Panorama via Chapecó and Passo Fundo to Rio Grande do Sul, which will cost Reais 6bn ($US 2.94bn) to construct, a 620km line to transport meat and poultry from Chapecó to the port of Itajaí costing Reais 3.1bn, a 500km line from Carazinho near Passo Fundo southwest to Uruguaiana estimated to cost Reais 2.5bn, and a 400km line from Maracaju southeast to Toledo near Cascavél which will cost Reais 2.1bn.